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News Porto.


Clubedo kicks off on 6th December in Porto
Clubedo jazz happens in the Invicta from 16 to 14 December. This event is organised by the Porta-Jazz Association. There will be improvisational compositions and programmed sounds, as the outright intention is to revive the jazz circuit in Porto, with iconic jazz clubs hosting emerging bands, both national and international, on a regular basis.  

Clubedo first edition was part of the Porta-Jazz Festival in 2018; but this year, the Clubedo event has its own emphasis and it is held separately while working as a preview of the Porta Jazz Festival, which takes place between 7th and 9th February 2020, at Rivoli.

The 10-day event includes 11 concerts, a school gathering and a record release, bringing together renowned artists, emerging talents and international partnerships, as its main goal is to bolster jazz and continually promote the renewal of this music genre.

Porto hosts Luís Lapa & Pé de Cabra, the Trio João, Puzzle, North Camels Large Ensemble, Wiz, Filipe Teixeira Trio "Tao", Sextet Mário Santos "bloco A6", Galip "Cale", Aladdin Killers, Paula Sousa and Ohad Talmor Trio.

Price ticketing varies from free entry to 8 euros, and Porta-Jazz members are entitled to free entrance in all sessions.


Friday, 6 Dec, 9.30pm, Mira Forum

Luis Lapa & Pé de Cabra (PT)
Band: Luís Lapa - guitar and music composition; Filipe Teixeira - double bass; Acácio Salero - drums

Saturday, 7 Dec , 19h00, Sala Porta-Jazz

Trio João (PT)
Band: João Grilo - Piano and electronics; João Hasselberg - double bass and electronics; João Sousa - Drums
10pm, Sala Porta-Jazz
Puzzle (PT)
Band: Pedro Neves - piano; João Paulo Rosado - double bass; Miguel Sampaio - drums

Sunday, 8 Dec, 10.30pm, Hot Five Downtown

North Camels Large Ensemble (PT)
Band: Pedro Jerónimo - trumpet; Hugo Caldeira - trombone; João Paulo Silva - alto sax; Pedro Simões Matos - tenor sax; Rafael Gomes - baritone sax; Joaquim Festas - guitar; Ricardo Moreira - piano; Joni Axel - double bass/bass; José Stark - drums

Monday, 9 Dec, 10.30pm, Embassy of Porto

Band: José Pedro Coelho - saxophones; Wilfred Wilde - guitar; Iago Fernandez - drums

Tuesday, 10 Dec, 10pm, ESMAE Café-Concert

Filipe Teixeira Trio "Tao" (PT)
Record launch with Carimbo Porta-Jazz
Band: João Mortágua - alto sax; Acácio Salero - drums; Filipe Teixeira - double bass

Monday, 11 Dec, 10.30pm, Ferro Barr

Sextet Mário Santos "bloco A6" (PT, SP)
Band: Mário Santos - saxophones; João Guimarães - saxophones and flute; Ricardo Formoso - trumpet and flugelhorn; Miguel Moreira - guitar; António A. Aguiar - double bass; Marcos Cavaleiro - drums

Thursday, 12 Dec, 10.30pm, Hot Five Uptown

Galip "Cale" (PT, SP)
Band: Eduardo Cardinho - Vibraphone; José Pedro Coelho - tenor sax; Xavi Torres - piano; André Rosinha - double bass; Mário Costa - drums (invited)

Friday, 13 Dec, 10.30pm, Passos Manuel

Aladdin Killers (PL)
Curated by Katowice JazzArt Festival
Band: Adam Stodolski - bass and double bass; Mateusz Pawluk - keyboard and electronics; FXJaroskaw "Jaroz" Pakuszykski - scratch and electronic; Przemek Borowiecki - drums and electronics

Saturday, 14 Dec , 7pm, Sala Porta-Jazz

Paula Sousa (PT)
Band: Paula Sousa - piano and music composition; João Guimarães - saxophone; Eurico Costa - guitar; Pedro Molina - double bass; João Pereira - drums
10pm, Sala Porta-Jazz
Ohad Talmor Trio (US)
Band: Ohad TALMOR - tenor sax; Miles OKAZAKI - guitar; Dan WEISS - drums
Companion activity

Sunday, 15 Dec, Sala Porta-Jazz

School gathering: workshop + concert, with the participation of students from schools from different regions of the country, supervised by Talmor, Okazaki and Weiss.