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Bats and facts at the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal: embrace the adventure
There is something special about strolling around after day light! Do you feel adventurous? If so, accept the invitation to take part in the "Evenings with Bats" [Noites com Morcegos] initiative, on 25th September, and discover the most amazing facts about bats that most people are not aware of. The journey lasts from 7pm to 9pm, guided by the CEA - Environmental Education Centre, at the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal. 

The session takes place mainly in the outside. There will be a brief tutorial inside the CEA facilities, where social distancing will be safeguarded; facemasks are mandatory at this point of the session.

Participation is free, but subject to prior registration via Participation is limited to 8 (eight) people, in line with the contingency Situation in effect.

Take this opportunity to know this night creature and dispel myths about this nocturnal flying mammal. For starters, bats are the only mammals capable of flying like birds and their vision is more accurate than that of most humans.

Nature provides children and adults alike with enriching experiences, by experiencing the great outdoors and thus profiting from an array of social, educational and planetary benefits.

There are 27 bat species in Portugal, all insectivorous, and eight of those are endangered species. Bats usually communicate with each other through high frequency chirps, screeches, and songs, which they use to hunt.