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News Porto.


August brings outdoor cinema at Casa das Artes

The Casa das Artes, in Porto, showcases "As Noites de Boris" ["Evenings with Boris", free translation], an outdoor cinema initiative that features short films, at 10pm. Entrance free.

This initiative, jointly organised by Casa das Artes and the DRCN - the Northern Regional Direction of Culture, kicked off on 7 August and will feature a selection of short films every Wednesday of August.

Today, on 14 August, some of the selected films include "Flutuar" [Floating] (2018), a short drama, directed by Artur Serra Araújo and starred by Alba Baptista and Maria Leite. On a full moon evening, a group of friends plays cards on a terrace overlooking the beach. In the distance, two young women float over the banality of their conversations and the irrationality of their actions.

Also, "Declive" [Slope] (2018), a film-text by Eduardo Brito, is a film to watch and listen to, soothed by the voice of Lula Pena. Set in the cloudy Scrabster in the northern landscape of Scotland, a house stands by the sea and summons ghosts to help create memories of places and things. It is, mostly, a film that narrates absence and finiteness.

"De Onde os Pássaros Vêem a Cidade" (2013), ["From Where The Birds See The Town"], directed by André Tentúgal is another film on the programme. This is the narrative of a woman that had already been happy with the smallest things in the world. And she knows she might be able to be happy again, leading a simple life.

The common factor of these short films is that the directors are connected, one way or another, to the city of Porto.

See here for more info.