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News Porto.


AIIA Porto Municipal Programme promotes urban arts by involving youth into cultural projects

Porto City Hall has promoted a cultural initiative within the municipality with the goal of enhancing youth development regarding urban art. The event brought together 15 teenagers of the Cerco neighbourhood, at the Vale de Campanhã and at the Ribeira da Granja, in Lordelo.

The Local Executive wants to increase citizens' participation in the field of culture, by involving youth into cultural projects thus thriving creativity and offering the opportunity to bring together mass culture, and helping shape the city's identity.

The "Elements" initiative was developed during Christmas school break, between 17 and 22 December, under the organisation of the Municipal Company Domus Social, supported by MXM Momentum Team.

The chosen venue was the MXM Artcenter, where youngsters experimented hands-on workshops on DJing, movement photography, RAP, Urban Dances and Graffiti.

The result of this collaborative enterprise was the display of the work developed by the participants, thus enabling the awareness raising of the artistic potential and the creative freedom achieved by that local community.

"Elements" was held in the context of the AIIA Porto - Abordagem Integrada para a Inclusão Ativa [Integrated Approach for Active Inclusion], aimed at achieving innovation, social experimentation and Entertainment in Porto.

This project was promoted by Porto City Hall, supported by Portugal 2020, under the Norte2020, with investment eligible costs of EUR 5.093.230, 50, funded by Euros 4.239.245, 99 by the European Social Fund.