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News Porto.


Art with a purpose at Jardim das Virtudes in Porto! Take the journey

On 27 August, there is a stroll through the Jardim das Virtudes, scheduled to start at 3pm in order to know the artwork that is part of the garden and that was created back in 2013, when the Cooperativa Árvore commissioned granite art pieces to mark its 50th anniversary.

The aim was that the pieces of art created complemented the garden's vertical landscape; as such, "A Roda" [The Wheel", free translation], by Paulo Neves, "Árvore das Virtudes" ["Tree of Virtues", free translation], by Vítor Ribeiro and "A Meio Entre Isto e Aquilo" ["In-Between This and That", free translation], by Isaque Pinheiro, are the sculptures that spread through the terraces at the Jardim das Virtudes in perfect union with the surrounding environment.

The piece by Isaque Pinheiro, on the entrance floor depicts a pair of wings that can be dressed by the visitor and is placed in front of the landscape. It works as an invitation to interacting both with art and the unique scenery over the river Douro.

Besides the magnificent view over the river, overlooking the Customs, the Rabelo boats and the Porto wine cellars, the Jardim das Virtudes is the proud keeper of the maidenhair tree (scientific name: Ginkgo biloba), a three metres high bicentennial tree.

The cultural journey is oriented by Tânia Ribeiro and costs 3€. Tickets can be purchased beforehand at Municipal Museums, Porto Municipal Library and Porto Municipal Theatre.